Poultry House Automation System


Farmony was developed for the climate-control and other automation needs of poultry houses. Farmony supports different mechanical configurations including and not limited to:


Farmony has a base system and extension modules. By using extension modules it is possible to configure the system for large and small houses.

Analog InputQuantity
Outside temperature sensor1
Inside temperature sensor6
Humidity sensor1
Pressure sensor1
Vent position(potentiometer)1
Tunnel inlet position (potentiometer)1
Digital OutputQuantity
Side/Chimney fans8
Tunnel fans13
CPUIntel Atom N270
Operating temperature0~45° C
Humidity40° @ 100~95 bağıl nem
Vibration2 grms (5~500 Hz)
Input voltage230 Volt
Operating systemWinCE 6.0
Net FrameworkWindows CE.Net

Side Ventilation

Yan havalndırma ve tünel havalandırması

Tunnel Ventilation

Yan havalndırma ve tünel havalandırması

Animals feel the chill effect of wind. It is possible to use chill effect on very warm days to nake animals comfortable. In tunnel mode wind is created inside the house. Tunnel fans placed at back of the house sucks the air. Air enters the house through the tunnel inlets placed at the front of the house.

Minimum Ventilation

Even if temperature is in comfort zone it is necesary to remove stale air from the house. Volume of the house, number and average weight of animals determine minimum ventilation amount. For minimum ventilation side and chimney vents are used.

Natural Ventilation

If climatic conditions are favorable then it is possible to use natural ventilation mode. In nattural ventilation mode no fan is used. All ventilation is achieved through side and chimney vents.

Cooling and Heating

When temperature rises above tunnel range then active cooling is started. Tunnel pads are used widely for this purpose. When temperature is goes below comfort level then active heating is started.