Dosing Automation

Dosing automation

Dosing Automation Principles

Batch is calculated using formula/recipe.

Items/rawmetarials are grouped into weighing groups: Example: macro dosing weigher 1, macro dosing weigher 2, micro dosing weigher, fat weigher, molasses flowmeter, hand-tipping.

Weighing groups are run in parallel as much as possible. Example: macro dosing weighing, micro dosing weighing and fat weighing are started as soon as route is available.

In a weighing group, if possible, parallel weighing is used also. Example: an item/rawmaterial exists in more than one silo and those silos are in one group. In this case dosing system takes item/rawmaterial from all those silos in parallel.

Each batch is tagged with a unique id. All the elements (bunker, hammer mill, mixer...) in the route indicate the batch id its processing. Database records and reporting are based on batch id. This is important for traceabillity.

Time required to process the batch on each element (weigher, hammer mill, mixer...) on the route are recorded and reported.

Automatic after flow correction is performed for each weighing.

Tolerance is monitored for each weighing.

Dosing results are recorded and reported for each batch.


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