What We Do?

We design and develop industrial control and automation systems. Our main industry is feed production. We have successfully completed many projects.

We offer following services:

Development Methodology

No feed plant is exactly the same as the other. The challenge for the software developer is to develop a system that satisfies customer demands fully while keeping the costs of development at acceptable level. We developed an automation framework for feed industry. We use this framework as a base and we customize it to achieve a system that fully meets the requirements of each new project.

We use the following steps to realize a project:

We know that the software continually evolves as the business evolves. We are prepared to revise our software upon our customer’s request in a reasonable time frame.

We completely document the system. Documentation language could be English or Turkish as requested by the customer. The following documents are produced:

Softek Feed Process Control Framework

Softek feed process control framework is used as a base and it is customized to fulfill the requirements of new projects. The framework consists of the following modules: